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SRF RDF pellet mills.

SRF RDF counterflow coolers.

Solid Recovered Fuel - Hammer mills.

SRF RDF ASR Automatic Pellets Plant.

Alternative Fuels 


Pellet Mill

GRB2 850.320 ARGAS

Most robust pellet mill designed for hard feedstocks. The 850 mm die with 2 motors 160kW each gives from 3 tph to 4 tph of SRF/RDF pellets and about 2 tph to 3 tph ASR pellets. The capacity depends on parameters of the feedstock.

Standard equipment of pellet mills

  • pelleting press with main drives,

  • main drives 2 x 160kW,

  • 1 ring die fi850mm,

  • 2/3 complete rollers,

  • die replace supporting system,

  • pneumatic distribution system,

  • central automatic lubrication system,

  • electric hoist for dies and rollers exchange,

  • independent raw material feeder for a die,

  • inner magnetic separator,

  • barrel of grease 180 kg,

  • electric/signal box,

  • service tools kit,

  • set of sensors,

  • documentation (English),

  • conditioner KD stainless steel with a drive,.

Optional equipment of pellet mills


  • power cabinet with LCD panel,

Counterflow cooler

Coolers are required in every professional pellets plant. They decrease the temperature, increase the calorific value, decrease the moisture. Cooled pellets have very high mechanical durability.

Coolers are made of stainless steel, the standing and moving table is made of construction steel. In the standard equipment there are level sensors, temperature sensors, air lock, protection lock. 

With cooler comes a complete steam suction system including tubes, cyclone, air lock and fan.

Hammer mills

The RS.R module contains a hammer mill with the motor depending on the capacity and parameters of the feedstock.

We deliver hammer mills with power of 160kW, 250kW, 315kW and 400kW. There is a supporting construction for pneumatic transport system (cyclone, fan, tubes etc.), the collecting chamber with sucking tube.

Every RS.R Milling Module is equipped with destoner for removing unwanted particles like stones, metal parts or other heavy parts.


Vibrating sifter

After pelleting and cooling pellets need to be cleaned from dust and crumbles. This is made in a vibrating sifter.

Pellet mill NPT GRB2 850.320
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