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NPT delivers complete manufacturing technology for SRF pellets.

This includes fluff SRF or biomass intake, drying, buffering, heavy fraction removal system, pelleting, cooling, cleaning and storing.

All corresponds with local legal requirements.

Alternative Fuels 

Technology: All Inclusive

The concept of a pelleting plant, regardless if it is designed for biomass or alternative fuels covers all requirements from technological and legal point of view.

This is why our technology is adopted to any location in the world, where different laws require different technical and technological solutions. 

NPT works with best London legal firms (Memery Crystal, Kingsley-Napley) to make sure that the delivered product (pellets) are not only of high quality, but the are also manufactured according to the specific conditions.

The technical part of the EPC contract covers project management and full documentation for all aspects of the project including drawings for civil works (including drainage, technological pits and troughs for conveyors) with fire walls, fire protection system, ATEX solutions where required, full electrical analyse for MCCs and switch boards. We deliver complete project with all sub-systems required by law and the Funder.



  • Environmental requirements

  • ATEX


  • Project Management

  • Skilled supply chain group

  • Completion of delivery

  • Organisation of utilities


  • Integration of all teams' works

  • Assembly 

  • Testing

  • Commissioning



  • On the basis of business assumptions, qualitative and quantitative goals are translated into technical language, which is the basis of production technology

  • Standards and Norms: may differ depending on the country of the investment, therefore establishing them is a priority before technologists start designing

  • Technology definition: is a derivative of the Investor's goals; the optimal selection of machines, production and control systems is the key task of this stage

  • The preliminary design includes a concept for the arrangement of machines, production and storage rooms, electricity, water, gas supply lines, office and social facilities, maneuvering areas, green areas, etc. on the investment site. The detailed design includes complete construction and technological documentation on the basis of which permit applications can be developed.

  • Pre-execution design supervision: health and safety, geodesy, geology, etc.

  • Cost estimates: Preparation of an initial and detailed budget based on partial offers.

  • Investment implementation plan with task allocation and critical path definition

  • Organization of construction and environmental permits



  • Project management from the point of view of securing the supply of documentation, permits and work performance

  • Suppliers: selection of professional producers, negotiating delivery terms, signing contracts. We focus on our proven and long-term partners who are flexible and open to more and more ambitious projects

  • Completion of deliveries for individual construction stages

  • Supply chain management; coordination of the delivery plan

  • Organization of electricity, gas, water and other utilities

  • Securing the project from the point of view of IT systems



  • Execution of the construction, production and office and social parts

  • Building and industry inspections and supervision

  • Health and safety management

  • Quality assurance and timeliness

  • Mechanical assembly of machines and systems, provision of cranes, etc.

  • Construction of IT facilities

  • Construction and technological commissioning

  • Technical acceptance (e.g. UDT, ATEX, BHP, etc.)

  • Technological tests, performance tests

  • Provision of documentation, training of operators

  • Service and after-sales support

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